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A Candid Assessment of The Jarah’s Administration

The University as an institution cannot function aptly without the involvement of Student representation in administrative affairs, hence management have kept structures in place for massive student involvement through the creation of the Students Representative Council headed by The President duly elected by majority of the student populace.

As a keen observer over the years I have come to realize that persons who triumph victorious in student leadership turn to develop an idiosyncratic attitude of becoming very rare and hardly relate frequently with their colleague students, this is typical of the SRC presidents. Hence experiencing this situation, I turned to dislike SRC elections. During the last SRC elections I said to myself never to support any SRC presidential candidate because of my experience. However, the man named Jarah proved otherwise, I was amazed to see him exhibiting his riding skills during the hyping of the FIDS week celebration, it is commendable to show simplicity and humility when your ‘’ego’’ rises.

I vividly recount memories of the past when elections were at its peak, there circulated a propaganda that ‘’ In the young history of our University (WA Campus) a Muslim has never triumphed victorious as SRC president hence Jarah being a Muslim would limit the Christians from using the lecture halls for church services and a whole lot of allegations’’, yes people fell gullible to these cheap propaganda’s. I know that those who believed such propaganda’s have been served duly.

We have found ourselves in a situation that SRC presidents are never commended by the student populace, we are very quick to condemn, criticize and sometimes insult unconstructively little flaws of our Leaders painting them black without proper evidence. All these practices are rather derailing and killing our progress as a young University.

It is considering this that brings to you

A Candid Assessment of The SRC under the leadership of Hon Jarah

Our institution would continue to thrive in glory and progress if students are more supportive to the elected SRC Presidents. It is a fact that some undergrads who were not in the team of the Elected SRC president tend to develop some form of lifelong enmity against The President designate leading them to engage in unhealthy allegations and myriad critics. This move is not the best as Undergrads. Jarah and other past SRC presidents suffered from such ordeals hence this must stop if only we desire development. I entreat this new crop of leaders we are to get to desist from such acts.

However, it is very important to give reverence to the merited hence The Jarah’s administration has done their bit in the development of our institution and needs to be praised for the good work done. It is a challenge to whoever emerges winner in this upcoming election to work harder and break records of The Jarah’s administration for the betterment of The University for Development Studies.

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Below are some few remarkable successful implemented policies and initiatives accomplished so far

Ø  They have remarkable improved the Universities Public Address System (PDA)

Ø  They have been known for organizing over four (4) seminars including bringing The United States Ambassador to Ghana right here on the soil of UDS WA campus

Ø  It is worth noting that they have planted modern age projectors in virtually all the Lecture rooms

Ø  The massive support given to our athletes during the GUSA games

Ø  You might have noted the Fans in Pavilion blocks

Ø  The intervention of difficulty in the payment of fees because of financial constrains among students

Ø  Improvement of the lightening system

Ø  Ensuring that results are released on time for students to know their faiths

Ø  The extension of registration

Ø  They have been fierce on the battle of allowing the ‘’trotro’’ enter campus

Ø  The ongoing speed ramps is as a result of the collaborated efforts of the SRC together with the Bamahu Assembly man

Ø  It is also on records that they spearheaded the accreditation of the health insurance service to our campus hospital

Ø  They are noted for organizing four (4) capacity building seminars

  •  Constant police patrols in and around campus

  However I have been in the business of criticizing the SRC for failing to carry out one of their flagship policy and that is ‘’THE POPULAR DATA SIM CARDS’’ I got to understand upon inquiry that the SRC have exhausted their efforts in bargaining with the school authorities for appropriate funds to be released but all their efforts proved futile HOWEVER, you can bear witness that they can be applauded for the 24/7 WIFI service available on campus Auditorium, Pavilion,Spanish lab, Hall 1 & 2. Efforts are also in place for it to be extended to Hall 3.

It is worth noting that would be quick to criticize any wrong doing of the SRC administration but however commend any SRC administration in the present and future for good work done. Let’s not remain in the business of unhealthy critics but support and commend the good works of our leaders, we should never hesitate to lambaste them constructively and put them on track when they fall astray, this engagement can only result in meaningful development to our dear University.


  God Bless UDS


  1. Avatar

    Asare Kingsley

    March 12, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Well done. Anyone who reads this will know you are a paid blogger, I remember how humbly Jarah was before election, he will greet you ten times if he sees you nine times. After winning the election, the same students became his enemy. Talking about the projector I quite remember the past SRC president brought them. If you are saying there has been an improvement in our PA system then I guess you are schooling in Legon but not UDS Wa campus. The trotro drivers were allowed to enter campus for only two weeks and they were stopped. School WIFI that takes 15minutes to access google and He wants to be praised about it. I think you can write something good like level 100s have still not received their souvenirs. Nice work but remember a decorated monkey is still a monkey.

  2. Avatar

    Yakubu Husein Pumaya

    March 12, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Wow..great article indeed. it’s about time we started, as students, to appreciate the works of our student leaders, give them their due praises for their efforts to make life comfortable for students in this young yet great institution.

    God bless Hon. Jarah for all he has done. I personally aspire to become like you someday.

  3. Avatar

    Israel T.J

    March 12, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    The projectors were procure by Nicholas Administration and the university clinic was Accredited with Health Insurance before Nicholas left power.
    Give credit to it is due.

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