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Africa, God and Development by Mulumba N Songsore

Dear fellow Africans,

God has always existed since the beginning of this world. He is the creator of all things that live on earth so says the Holy Bible.

History has it that Blacks in times past suffered from a lot of atrocities and cruelty at its highest level from the European enslavers.

And if God did not intervene when

  1. Our grandmothers were being raped by white enslavers
  2. Our grandparents who resisted oppression were killed and burned
  3. Africans were being forcefully snatched from Africa to Europe and America against their interest.
  4. Babies were being cut from the wombs of our pregnant sisters
  5. Our grandparents were castrated like dogs

If God didn’t intervene in the many human orchestrated atrocities committed against the black race then we ought not to think that He will do so now. Take a break and know that God is so busy with serious business upstairs to intervene in this novel Corona Pandemic because he has given some factions of the Humans He created who are called Scientist knowledge and wisdom to better inform us in our own kind that, staying glued to the precautionary measures will ensure that the virus is contained. Yes that was God in man’s voice speaking to Us!!

Our great grandfather’s suffered from these white enslavers in time past. They had no form of protection to protect themselves from the cruelties showered them. But even if they did, the white man’s ammunition were way powerful than what our father’s had. Yet taking into cognizance the disparity in weapons and the innocence of Africans, God saw these massacres happen. I cannot tell the reason but I dare not question His intention for what happened because He’s supreme in thoughts and Revered in all His ways, Right in all His actions.

One would have thought God would have compensated the African population in the aftermath of colonization by commanding that Ye Angels of Development Go make Africa a developed world with all infrastructures and make the European Nations labor in pain.

Let them (EUROPE AND AMERICA) be endowed with natural resources but among the poorest Nations in the world. Let the European Nations have problems such as ineffective educational system with poorly paid teachers, significant debt overhang, weak healthcare system with few trained doctors, inadequate infrastructure such as bad road network, and very limited transportation options; a poor drainage system with very serious sanitation problems including lack of accesses to toilets leading to open defecation, endemic corruption, tribalism leading to favoritism and resulting in square pegs in round holes at public offices, lack of portable drinking water in many of her communities, widespread poverty and a mindset which displays apathy towards anything produced Europe because is seen as inferior to the ones produced in Africa, the insatiable taste for everything produced in Africa instead of what is produced in Europe, a drift from the very essence of your culture because they believe that the rich fabric smock and kente clothes produced in Africa/Ghana is worth fashionable than jeans and coats with European brands, the feeling that wearing European ‘shiny’ chains both around the neck and hand is dumb and portrays a sense of backwardness because wearing refined Africa bead and wrist brand is best.

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Let the European Nations in the words of Ali Mazrui consume what they do not produce and produce what they do not consume.

Hard work indeed they say pays. Yes it does!! Until Africans shun the behavior of crying to God in prayers everyday with things they can do on their own trust me nothing will change for Us. For centuries now, the world has witnessed consistent white supremacist domination in all facets of the world economy because they work hard on their feet whiles Africans pray harder than them on their knees. We have to stop relying on supreme intervention when we have the ability to solve them ourselves.

In the wake of this novel Corona Virus, we can pray and fast all we want but I believe that we shall not get answers to our prayers if we don’t demonstrate discipline and by doing that which is right. God only answers prayers for things beyond our power and remember He helps those who help themselves. Our fore fathers probably were more holy than we are today in the 21st century. They did pray with their holy hearts for God to intervene when slavery happened but powerless as they were, got consumed by fierce white force who are still advanced in development than us today. We can grow Africa and attain the feet of a continent where life will be easier and better for all. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said that work is a form of worship so until we realize that and do that which is right, our best interest will not be served. Don’t get it twisted, Prayer to your Creator (God) for things beyond your strength is right and must be encouraged because He is a listening God. Consistent Prayer to God seeking for intervention for things you can handle is sheer laziness.



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    Alabi Toluwalase

    April 28, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    This is beautiful

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    April 29, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Word!!word!!word!!….this Masterpiece is very educative ..for this I am very happy our future can be safe if people like you should persist in using words of advice and way forward……this will go along to create awareness and ensure that there is brighter light at the end of the tunnel…..Africa need more of these…..keep it up Mulumba….

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