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The Nadowli – Kaleo District office of the Centre for National Culture in partial fulfilment of its mandate in organizing and mobilizing the artistic resources of the District and developing commercial potential of such resources, met with the leadership of the Weavers Association in the District. This Association is made up of all weaving shop heads in the District. The Association is made up of seventy-five (75) shop leaders.

The weaving sector of the ‘Woori’ textiles is a critical component of our Ghanaian culture which must be guarded and supported to thrive because of the cultural relevance it has to offer. In his submission, the District Cultural Officer Mr. Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore commended the Association for promoting the fashion aspect of culture and setting up such important business to train interested persons to acquire such skills.

As a cultural officer, it is my duty to implement strategies for the development, promotion, preservation and appreciation of culture and arts in the District, we are supposed to work together towards the realization of this goal. He added that the District Office is currently embarking on a ‘Wear Ghana’ campaign at the various offices in the District to trigger a mindset change among workers in the formal sector to patronize more of our local ‘Woori’ fabrics popularly sewn into Smocks among the gents and ‘Kaba and Slits’ among the women.

We are also seriously promoting our culture through online platforms such as our Facebook page titled ‘Centre for National Culture Nadowli – Kaleo’, truth is, a business that wants to sell well must have an online presence; we will be supporting weavers in the District with free publicity of your wares to broaden your income generation and offer you a potential status of global textile business vendor as our ‘Woori’ is fast gaining relevance among people. From our experienced weavers, we will also be providing local weavers with the necessary guidance and mentorship so as to ensure product innovativeness taking into cognizance the modern consumer taste and preferences.

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He used the opportunity to appeal to Ghanaians to make it a habit of patronizing our indigenous Ghanaian fabrics as it contributes tremendous to local job creation, empowering our local weavers and tailors to earn meaningfully and sustain the local family unit. It is not right as Ghanaians to wait until Friday to dress in our local fashion, we must cease each day as an opportunity to display what we are culturally made of as Ghanaians. We must attempt defying the saying of Ali Mazrui when he said ‘Africa Produces What It Does Not Consume and Consumes What It Does Not Produce’ Let us build a better Ghana by Acting Locally and Thinking Global. Wear Ghana! Eat Ghana!

The Centre for National Culture as established under the PNDC Law 238 (1990) and recognized by the Fourth Republican Constitution as a necessary tool for national integration and development under the Direct Principles of State Policy (Article 39) which declares as fellows;

‘’Subject to clause (2) of this article, the state shall take steps to encourage the integration of appropriate customary values into the fabric of national life through formal and informal education and the conscious introduction of cultural dimensions to relevant aspects of national planning’’


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