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I am Your CHILD not your POSSESSION by Alfred S.

I am Your CHILD not your POSSESSION {March 22, 2021}

Remember we are both created beings.

The Master Designer did make both of us equally.

Size does not determine our importance.

So, whether I am a dot or giant we are both equal.

Please let’s not make where I am currently the most dangerous place to be.

I thought I am within your loving embrace. Is that not so MA?


No one should determine whether the other lives or not

It is just not in our domain to examine. Well the devil will say it is and encourage we should follow suit. We have the power to resist that temptation.


Only the Master Designer can choose to call us to HIMSELF. He is LOVE. So, then we are to love without exception the more we resemble the Master Designer, the more we are harbingers of this unique LOVE the Master Designer longs for and waits patiently till the day that He will call each one of us to Himself. We are then the Designer’s negative (as in a picture). So please if you cannot make a strand of hair on your head you are not the Master Designer or you do not know the number of the strands of hairs on your head, yes you are certainly not the Master Designer.


Similarly let’s not listen to the counsel of any one who cannot create anything to get rid of any innocent soul. Truly we human beings MAKE nothing. However, for want of words we still use the word ‘MAKE’. WHAT we do AT BEST IS CHANGE THE FORM OF WHAT THE MASTER DESIGNER HAS ALREADY MADE OUT OF NOTHING. Yes indeed, I am your child NOT your possession.


Your very life is not your own. You see that is why we cannot own each other as in owning a property. We are but a gift to one another. We need to support life. The Master Designer is always bout life not of death so that we will have life more abundantly.  All we are allowed is to only take actions to support life and not do that at the expense of another human being. Yes, IT IS THAT SIMPLE. So, whatever your need is we are only just required to ask.

I am your child NOT your possession.


When you read to me while I am inside you, I do better at school. Please do not cast me away from your presence. Ma will you still declare war against me? I LOVE you. I am affected by the good and bad from my family, present or deceased. We also rejoice at good things like the episode of the two women greetings and two children not yet borne interact and one leapt for joy from their exchange with the help of the Spirit that formed them in the first place.

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Your good deed and sins affect me. That is why people say He is like…. (past or present relative-conduct-wise or by physical appearance). Ma please do not declare war on me. Our souls are equal in dignity and maturity. Will you later be able to bear it when in due time after this earthly sojourn see that I know all your moves that directly impacted my short life on earth. It is the same everlasting Spirit that the Master Designer gave each and all.


There is hope Ma. Let us repent of goals that do not benefit us both. Let us choose life from now on, so that we would not prefer to never exist after this earthly life. Less, we would wish we never existed since our souls never die. The Spirit gifted us by the Master Designer is an everlasting one at the moment of conception. Remember we DO NOT MAKE NOR can we UNMAKE OURSELVES. It is not subject to our wishes then after we expire.


MA, ‘I AM NOT A SIN, I AM A BLESSING’-PARAPHRASED FROM EWTN. COM. Sacrifice is to make Sacred. When we step outside of our role and end life we sacrifice to SATAN. Let us stay in our domain and stay in keeping with the Master Designer who always promotes life. When the Master Designer calls us finally, He calls us to Himself but he still gives us the choice to accept or reject Him. However, some sudden deaths rob us of this chance to make amends.


I love you Ma. I could be an answer to a pandemic. Will you let me BE? I want to make a mark in the world as you know it. Please do not leave a vacuum. That vacuum cannot be substituted or filled by another unique gift to the world. I love you always.



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