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IRI Greens UDS Wa Campus

The 21st of September 2018, witnessed an extraordinary student initiative in the early hours of UDS Wa Campus, saw a phase 1 of a Tree Planting Project executed by Infinite Research Institute (IRI) in collaboration with the Association of Students of Social and Development Administration (ASSDA), Young African Great Mind, UDS SDG Club and the YEA-Campus Group.

Infinite Research Institute is a Civil Society Organization and concerned group of advocates who took it upon themselves to make life healthier and to help new generations set its sight higher in a good learning environment. Even when the project was threatened by a brief rain shower, every supporter and volunteer rather evidenced the rare attitude of optimism. This shows how distressed they are about the unmitigated sunshine, bad air and unpredictable rains the world is currently battling with.

Speaking to Stanley Sallah of [UDS 360] during the exercise, the Public Relations Officer of IRI, Saani Salam referred to the project as a measure to the poor conditions which makes learning difficult.

‘’we believe in creating an environment we are not fortunate as students to meet, a type that brings ease to both the students and the teacher with regards to teaching and learning. So we want to create that’’  Saani bemoaned.

This project has been divided into two phases as explained by Imoro Abdul Rahim who is the Executive Director of the Institute. The 2nd Phase of the project is thus, expected to continue on the 29th of September 2018.

Some stakeholders of the project in pose with the CEO of IRI 2nd right

Some of the particepants 

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