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Necessary Aid Alliance Bridges Educational Inequality With Their Read To Lead Outreach

Necessary Aid Alliance (NAA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that seeks to canvass educational support for children, skills training for women in rural areas, girl child protection and support for the vulnerable and socially excluded people. Over the weekend, NAA executed their project dubbed READ TO LEAD. Find below details of the story.

Before the advent of Covid 19, educational inequality was obvious but now so rife in this community as children trek over five kilometres on foot paths mostly without footwear in tattered clothes to school. This has been a disincentive for many and discomforts the daring but the quest for education is fairly rooted in the hearts and minds of people of school going age across all levels.

Necessary Aid Alliance quest to bridge the gap of educational inequality embarked on our Read to Lead program targeted such communities and donated educational items which included reading books, drawing books, pamphlets of all subjects, exercise books, note books, pens, pencils and several other learning materials.

We have also done the unprecedented by taking the first ever Desktop Computer to Kugnani community. Literacy in computing is so important in contemporary times and all hands must be on deck to ensure that more and more people are literate in computing. An HP Desktop computer has been installed with educational programs like Mavis Beacon, Encarta Kids, Dictionary etc Educational Cartoons which teaches the pronunciation of alphabets, words, vowels and many more has been furnished on the system. With our high sound speakers donated, children will be paired in groups to observe distancing whiles listening to teaching lessons, learn how to type and a whole lot more.

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Necessary Aid Alliance has contracted some teachers resident in the community but teaches outside to facilitate the inculcation of good reading and writing skills among children in the community.

The third phase of our fully packed outreach in the Kugnani community saw as act a play on Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy.  We extensively engaged community Chief, elders, opinion leaders, women and Teenage girls and boys towards ameliorating the canker of outlined problems that unfortunately has tremendously impacted Girl Child Education.

Our program was so much of a success and created smiles unending gratitude from community folks. We at Necessary Aid Alliance will continue to work hard to gather resources, partner with other organizations with similar interest to roll out this exercise in communities that need it most.

Many thanks goes to Africa Child Rights and Naabie Concept for donating towards this project.





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