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Necessary Aid Alliance issues cheque of GH₵1,300 in support of Timothy’s fees

A youth led nonprofit organization Necessary Aid Alliance, has issued a cheque of One Thousand Three Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵1,300) in support of the payment of school fees and accommodation of Mr. Timothy Biyonbe Namon. This support comes on the back of the appeal for funds with the GH₵10 for Timothy initiative started by Mr. Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore, Executive Director for Necessary Aid Alliance. A total amount of GH₵ 963 has been donated so far from the public. The target is to raise a total amount of GH₵2,221 to support the full payment of his tuition and accommodation on or before the 30th September 2021 for his admission to remain valid.

This financial assistance from Necessary Aid Alliance comes as a full complement to complete the required fees needed to secure admission for Mr. Timothy at the SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS).

Read Timothy’s story below;

Growing up in the Upper West Region with wide exposure in rural life, I thought I had seen it all on poverty, appalling state of rural education etc till UDS posted me to Kichichanbuni in the Saboba district as part of my Third Trimester Field Practical Program (TTFPP) in 2016.

The community had no electricity, no school, no clinic and endemic poverty. We settled to work on our report.

Teenagers interested in education had to commute to the next community, as developers, we were inspired at how the young ones in that community were interested in education yet had no school. We helped them out with studies but placed special priority on the Candidates scheduled to write their BECE in May.

As an extrovert, I had a strong rapport with community members even after we left, they kept calling me. I received a call from Timothy, one of our students informing that he passed his examination and was admitted at Bimbilla Senior High School to pursue Science. I was amazed, seriously we least expected them to pass that well. Timothy was their best student. I immediately took liking of him, he has potentials. I supported when I could, I was still a student with little resources.

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I monitored the growth of Timothy during his Senior High School period. Timothy and the deep love and affection the community had for me necessitated my plans to give back to the community. Immediately I completed the University in 2019 and founded my nonprofit organization afterwards, our second self-funded project was in that community which saw us donate reading and learning materials with a desktop computer to help the state of education.

Fast forward in 2019, Timothy completed his WASSCE with one of the best results from Bimbilla S.H.S, he has been on the hustle to raise money to fund his tertiary education. I am deeply concerned; I trust he has a great future ahead of him. I have successfully secured admission for him at the SDD – UBIDS formerly UDS Wa to pursue a program in Computer Science.

We are required to pay an amount of

gh₵ 1,621 for his Tuition

gh₵ 600 for Accommodation

It is true that Everybody needs somebody sometimes, Timothy needs our support. If successful, Timothy will be the first from his community to hold a diploma in Computer science.

Please let us support to raise enough money for him realize his dream of becoming a computer scientist.

No amount is too small.


NAMON BIYONBE TIMOTHY                0247877360






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