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Necessary Aid Alliance Partners Assembly Members To Impact Women Groups in Sissala West

Necessary Aid Alliance (NAA) is a registered non-governmental organization that is currently operating in Ghana with its mandate focused on education, girl child protection, support for the poor and marginalized in society and entrepreneurial training and support.

In the wake of the Corona Virus and the need to stay safe by regularly washing of hands, NAA took steps to activate their entrepreneurial training and support by sponsoring series of training exercises for women in the Sissala West District. Over sixty (60) women and still counting benefited from this training exercise.

Women groups were divided into crowds of fifteen (15) to ensure proper social distancing whiles enabling them to fully pay attention and follow through the two day training program. Necessary Aid Alliance wanting not only to train women groups in this all important skill of liquid soap production but to also boost and revive local community leadership extended hands with forms of partnerships signed by interested Assembly Members and the Organization. The Wuljua and Jawia Assembly members took the lead to benefit from this partnership.

Rural women in the Northern part of Ghana usually don’t engage much in any income generating activity after the brisk farming season is over so not only do we expect them to produce more soap to enable regular and proper washing of hands but to leverage on this all important training to earn all year round meaningful income to support their families.


Rudolph Lee (CEO/Patron)

Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore (Executive Director)

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Sylvester Dahamani (Administrative Director)

Amoanu Felix (Chief Finance Officer)

Esther Appah (Executive Secretary)

Bugri Aisha (Head of Training)

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