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Necessary Aid Alliance

Hello, my revered readers, I have together with some social change-makers started a whole new initiative that is geared at creating a verifiable impact on the lives of people which I will be needing your support. Our organization is Necessary Aid Alliance is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that seeks to canvass educational support for children, skills training for women in rural areas, girl child protection and support for the vulnerable and socially excluded people. Our utmost aim is to break the cycle of dependency through education and entrepreneurial training for people so as to empower and ensure self-reliance.

We shall for now focus on these thematic areas;

  • Education
  • Protection and Support for the poor and marginalized
  • Girl Child Protection
  • Entrepreneurial Training and Support


We understand the importance of education and its ripple effects towards the development of an individual and the world at large. It is in light of this that we have initiated the Read to Lead model where books and other reading and learning materials are donated to schools especially those located in deprived areas.  Margaret Fuller said ‘’Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’’ we want to build leaders to for tomorrow. We organize a day’s mentor and coaching training for students in selected schools then climax the event by donating reading books and learning materials to them. We have a mechanism set in place aftermath to check the progress of our donation.

Protection and Support for the Poor and Marginalized

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’ … Winston Churchill. As part of our mandate as an organization geared toward making the world a better place, we understand that not all fingers are the same and so the socio economic and financial background of people differ. We do understand to that not every poor person needs help because some can help themselves but choose to stay poor. Necessary Aid Alliance extends merited aid to support the poor and marginalized with finite items such as food and clothing to ease burdens and make life better.

Girl Child Protection

As an organization, we find it important to add our voice and do our bit towards the protection, safety and self-esteem of the female population in a dominantly patriarchal society where girls are not attached with the deemed value and are not with the same opportunities as boys. We vehemently frown against child marriage and all forms of violence; discrimination against females, especially in rural communities where there is rife ignorance of the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action and other international convention on girl’s rights, are codified.

Entrepreneurial Training and Support

Entrepreneurship is the best option to propel growth and independence as a human being. We at Necessary Aid Alliance realize that during the dry season period where farming activities is at a halt, women during this long period especially in rural communities virtually engage in a profitable venture. We on our youth in skill development and entrepreneurial gather resources from community to community to train women in the skill of liquid soap production, packaging and marketing, bead and chain making, shower gel and soap making. They are expected to leverage this fully sponsored training program to earn all year-round income to support their families and community.

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Phone: 0203315617 or 0549344009