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Our Envisioned Africa by Mulumba N Songsore

As we outlive each day in earnest hopes coupled with doubts of seeing the promise land governments over governments have constantly preached, inflaming the hopes of citizens as though the state of high mass consumption could be attained within their term of offices. Yet their actions and inactions when in government triggers doubts and faint believe of citizens in the 21st century hoping to have the rare privilege of entering the promise land where manner will always be available for all with little efforts. Oh! We have longed waited for the Africa we want, the independent Africa of Dr Kwame Nkrumah and other well-meaning freedom fighters in the likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Abdel Nasser of Egypt and Julius K Nyere of Tanzania.


Africa is a continent that is well endowed with resources, in a matter of fact, we are the richest continent in terms of natural resource amounting to over trillion and trillions of dollars yet the poorest in the world. The precious myriad array of resource endowment ranges from very fertile large land enveloped with oil, gas, minerals including gold, copper, uranium, cobalt, zinc and bauxite. The sea which earnestly can support shipments and harbor services, relatively friendly climatic condition that supports all year-round farming with water body stock which could easily be leveraged on for irrigation purposes, we have countless personalities who are highly educated in diverse fields of study as very formidable human resource base. Yet the African we want is alive and well in our dreams, documented blueprints and manifestos of politicians which are yet to be realized.

We yearn for an African where Kwame Nkrumah’s vision of African Unity comes to fore. It is very important that we unite as one Africa only then will we be placed in a better position on the dinner table of bilateral business negotiation as worthy partners to scratch well and be scratched equally the itching backs parochial satisfaction. It is true that when it comes to World business interrelations, the larger your possessions and market force, the juicer trade deals you get. Hence, a ‘trade’ agreement between let’s say Ghana and China is not trade but in the words of Prof. PLO Lumumba is RAID of which I wholeheartedly side. But a trade agreement between Africa and any of the super world powers among the G8 you can think of will be a legit TRADE where both parties settles on a fair deal. True African unity posits several benefits than one can think of,

  • True African unity will imply we shall have one big market
  • One passport which shall be accepted at the fifty-four (54) airports in Africa
  • One currency for all 54 countries
  • One President and fifty-four heads of states

Basically, all formal and informal systems of all the independent African countries will be synchronized into a unified body. This is what unity in its entirety will imply and that is the African we want to see.

In the quest for African unity, it is however important that we propagate for true leadership, we want an Africa where true leadership will be the hallmark of position seekers. True leadership is way more than power and authority coupled with the desire to be recognized from folks within and outside, instead true leadership is the Inherent desire to give out your all in all in developing and helping people attain their full potential. True leadership is not the insatiable desire to amass wealth but to judiciously use available limited resources to the benefit of all, this is the caliber of leadership we long yearn for in Africa.

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In conclusion, it is apt that we purge off the ugly head of corruption from our system in totality. Africa must and should be devoid of corruption, corruption has been a bane to the realization of Africa’s potentials. This has over the past years rained hardships, shortage of consumer goods, high prices of available consumer goods and services. Corruption is believed to have cost Africa over 148 billion dollars every year per a study in 2002. Monies syphoned through corrupt activities goes to the benefit of a small circle of friends and family members of the one STEALING to the detriment of the suffering masses. It is only true leadership that can guarantee a corruption free Africa, an Africa where the corruption perception index will zero. It is however important that we as Africans decolonize our minds and hearts from mediocrity to enable us choose leaders not based on our various ethnic affiliations, religious association but leaders who truly are worth their salt.   

We want an Africa, where its populace would be interested in staying here and developing themselves and the country in its entirety through their acquired technical know-how channeled at addressing societal issues. Africans would be content staying here because having true leadership leading to a corruption free environment will guarantee limitless opportunities on a fertile ground to flourish, where the youthful population, graduates from various institutions and universities will all be engaged in very profitable ventures to sustain themselves and their families. The rampant death rate recorded on the Mediterranean Sea by youth of Africa who in the quest to seek greener pastures in Europe and America drown in the sea, die of famine or get attacked and killed in most cases will be a sad event of the past. Africans in the diaspora will yearn to come back home because their land is indeed flowing with milk and honey.

We want to see an Africa where the in the words of the great Ali Mazrui; ‘’African produce what it does not consume and consumes what it does not produce’’ will be proved wrong because Africans will consume what they produce and stay true to themselves. We longed yearned of an Africa that will no longer be dependent on foreign grants and loans but been self-sufficient. Finished goods produced from our industries should be on high demand by Europe and America fetching us foreign income.

In the quest to realize the Africa we want; all hands must be on deck in contributing our individual quota to ensure we attain the heights of true development to liberate our world from the realms of the Third World Country. It all begins with You and I….

Written by: Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore

Inspiration from: Prof. PLO Lumumba      

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