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Shop Inauguration by Necessary Aid Alliance To Young Needy Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship in the view of Richard Branson is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward.  We at Necessary Aid Alliance are glad to turn into reality Mr Ewusi Abrokwah dream of owning a space to make good use of his knowledge and put his certificate into practice after completing a two year program in electrical engineering at the Cape Coast Technical Institute.

Max as he’s popularly called merited our full support to put up this shop after our organization observed through rigorous monitoring that, he is a decent and hardworking young man with many siblings and aging parents depending on his meager inconsistent income for upkeep.  There are many  young men and women out there with brilliant, innovative ideas and skills needing support financial wise to get them going with their intended business. It can be so frustrating combing about with the intent of gathering financial resources to get one’s vision to reality, it is for this reason that frustration sets in and the faint hearten give up and engage in all sorts of social vices.

Necessary Aid Alliance is glad to come to the aid of Max with this shop which is cited at a vantage place where Max will not only be earning income through the sales, maintenance and general electrical services but offering a social service for the surrounding community members. This is a win-win venture which will see the dependents of Max better taken care of.

As a Nonprofit organization with our fourth thematic area driven towards entrepreneurial training and business support, we will not be interested in sharing profits gained from his business but we will put in place rigorous measures through advice to ensure that his business thrives for the betterment of himself and others.  We have also allocated space and resources for Max to employ a hand to get the mobile money business transaction going to further boost their income and broaden their scope of services.

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