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Student ‘killers’ UDS retarding growth by Mulumba N Songsore

The Tragic Actions of Some ‘killer students’ of The University for Development Studies

It is so sad, disheartening and piercing the hearts and minds of persons who hold dear the hard-earned reputation our institution has built over the past years as the premier University in the Northern Region of Ghana and indeed, merit the title ‘’The Light of the north’’, which has over the years impacted in the life’s of many and producing well sought after development practitioners, ace doctors, teachers, nurses, nutritionists and a lot more of persons found in very crucial sects of governmental bodies doing their bit for the betterment of all.

The crop of university students in recent times have done very little to promote the name of the University but are very vibrant in publishing ills that threatens the reputation of the school in the larger stream of the country and the world at large. The University precisely Nyankpala campus is trending all over the country media space with exaggerated times liners such as UDS SRC holds ’Sex Party’ for fresh students, Sex dominates as UDS holds ‘freshers’ night and a lot. This story am convinced was prepared and spearheaded by students who are only in to destroy. They are the bad nuts of the University who seek nothing but destruction. What marvels me is that the pictures shown on the headlines of the story depicts nothing of suggested act reported about but students in close poses with clothes that when you walk through the streets of the city in broad day light, I trust you will find many in such clothes and in some instances more exposing than what was captured. Am not in any way trying to defend the university but to condemn media houses publishing such information with no evidence to back their claims. Some Journalist are very quick to publish stories not with the intention to inform but to prosper and satisfy their own parochial interest of generating views for monetary gains, forgetting the side effects of the University as a whole. The campuses of UDS holds very few parties and night club as compared to other public universities and the acts that transpire in parties here are less threatening as such I smell this story is fake and cooked to satisfy the narrow-minded of some unknown parties.

Students are again not supporting the University but contributing significantly to the decreasing enrolment over the years. I have seen several posts on social media from students especially those who do not reside in the Northern region of Ghana but elsewhere. Their stay in the north is as a result of individual efforts in seeking tertiary education in the four campuses of UDS. They speak ‘shit’ of the North. These posts come during the early days of vacation after the school closes down and majority find themselves in their various homes, I have come across countless of posts such as

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‘Thank God I have finally left that fiery burning furnace, UDS Wa I will never miss you’,

‘Finally out of hell for the interim, Navorango UDS Bye4Now’.

These assertions are done by students of the University who live elsewhere aside the north without thinking of the effects, they speak ill about the University they are seeking tertiary education with the intend of bettering their life’s in the near future. They talk a hell of rubbish against weather conditions in the north as if they live in Europe and America. Weather variations are similar throughout Ghana and Africa as a whole. These posts they make tend to misinform their friends on Facebook and other social media sites, with friends that number over thousands. Many who read such post and have never been to the north tend to fall gullible to mere posts and end up giving wrong advice to their friends, relatives, children who have the intent of applying to any of the campuses of UDS to shun and go elsewhere because of the claimed ‘harsh weather conditions’ they read about from someone who has actually been there. The trickle-down effects of such post cause a lot of harm than we know all because of our deeds perpetrated in absolute mediocrity.

JF Kennedy in 1960, said that ‘A society whose young men and women are in a constant state of slumber shall never realize her potentials’. Indeed we the current crop of University students have long remained in a total state of slumber and hence must morally re arm ourselves not to only be interested in spelling and disseminating doom to our University but to also eschew the habit of shunning such derailing post about the University and preach the truth about the myriad opportunities you tend to benefit after studying in The University for Development Studies. We must rise to the occasion of showing the world that indeed in the midst of our numerous challenges we are the best and truly not only the light of the north but Ghana.



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