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Teflon Flexx, Hope for Northern Ghanaian Culture

The popular quote by Deborah Cater ‘You have to taste a culture to understand it’ sits down well with the fast rising award winning Ghanaian based Afrobeats singer Teflon Flexx. The culture of dressing is inextricably tied down to a person’s identity and gives spiritual, intellectual and emotional distinction from others.

Fashion and music have had and still has a tight relationship. As music is becoming a more mainstream, it is inherent on Ghanaian/African artist not to drift from their cultural heritage but position themselves in a strategic position to synergize the Ghanaian fashion heritage in the way they dress. Ghanaian musicians just as their counterparts will continue to have such a close relationship with fashion, these two will not separate anytime soon.

What have always been missing in our Ghanaian music industry is the fair sense of musicians propagating their local cultural heritage forgetting it has tremendous rippling effects on all facets of the local economy of their Country. Kanye West, Drake, Rihanna, Pharrel Williams and several others have actualize the American fashion sense and today own popular brands which have influenced the world in their sense of fashion. Today, not only do they earn billions of dollars from endorsing popular brands, they have succeeded in corrupting the style of dressing of African/Ghanaian artist.

There is beaming hopes of the upliftment of the Northern Ghanaian culture, kind courtesy of the fastest rising Ghanaian Musician Teflon Flexx with brand name STEW GANG who is obviously enthused with his culture. What makes him different from others is despite his rich international fashion sense associated with his brand, he equally slays in his fitting traditional outfits on most occasions.  That is the energy we the Pan African community want to see. We want to see a harmonious blend of dressing among our Ghanaian musicians. We understand that, the interplay of a globalized world warrants the exchange of culture with fashion not an exemption. But what we kick against is the polarized sense of dressing largely to the benefit of the Western World.

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We congratulate Artist Teflon Flexx for showcasing the Rich Northern culture at the just ended VGMA and also for winning the Unsung Award category. Keep the fire blazing.


Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore

Executive Director, Necessary Aid Alliance

Insert is some photographs of Musician Teflon Flexx

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