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The Association of Students of Social and Development Administration, ASSDA, as part of its intent to ensure that SRC/NUGS Presidents ”Hopefuls merit the demands of the office they are vying for. In light of this it has initiated this unprecedented move to put into the students domain,various profiles and policies of aspirants for you to judge and vote based on competency.

Mr. Imoro Addul Rahim is has submitted his detailed profile and policies.

  • Mr Imoro was the course rep for his whole stay as a diploma  student
  • Mr Imoro is the current course rep for Social Political and Historical Students
  • He served as the public relations officer for PROFAID international Wa chapter in the year 2016
  • Member of the planning committee of the department of development studies
  • Public relations officer for The Association of Students of Social and Development Administration
  • He was the field enumerator at Family Health International (FHI360) in 2016
  • A beneficiary of Educational Pathways International (EPI) scholarship.Out of 54 applicants only seven (7) were awarded with the scholarship
  • Imoro is also an award winning author on
  • He has written several trending articles that have changed systems
  • He has also served in the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies as the officer in charge of public relations for the planning committee.
  • Mr Imoro is a first class holder with distinction in Diploma In Community Development (DICD)


   Provision of a Campus Map.

A campus map on a signboard/billboard will be planted at the entrance of campus depicting the various road marks campus and some key infrastructures. This map will be designed with reflectors to make it visible even when night falls. With this map those who are new to campus/freshers will be able to locate the place of their destination easily. It can also help the Police, Fire service personnels to identify locations necessarily to them. This plan is very feasible and can be seen in other Universities, hospitals and the like.

Team Imoro’s interaction with The Regional Manger of MTN in Tamale proves that other corporate entities will be willing to support this project, in that one side of this map will contain the detailed school map and the other side will advertise services and products of sponsors.


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This policy plan seeks to assist students who ladder to the degree next year to persue the degree program. After students purchase the admission forms from the bank, the NUGS in my term of office will assist students to go through the application process free of charge. Beneficiaries of this policy shall include DICD, DDM and DBS in their quest to ladder to the degree program. Second the forms will be taken for endorsement hence there wont be stress for students taking their admission forms around in the hot weather for the assistance of a guarantor, with this initiative, students will be able to save about GH20.00 per head.

Imoro goes by the Slogan ‘‘Passion for Students Welfare”


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