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Dear Youth,

In reference to this popular old adage which says ‘’ [Nothing good comes easy’’. Hence its only apt we be in the position to desire the hardships, countless sleepless nights on books, and discomforts if and only that is geared towards making us better persons in the near future.

It is always best and morally ordained by the scriptures that one should be candid and truthful in all situations, compromising the truth will only incur the wrath of God on you and pleasing mortal mankind hence we call a spade a spade.

The youth of today have developed an idiosyncratic behaviour of living very unscrupulous lifestyles which painfully in the realms of modernity is seen as normal and accepted. These series of lifestyles are not and never can contribute to the pious upbringing of anyone. It’s in light of this that I write not only to condemn but to advice you, obtaining my inspiration from empathy apt for writing and revealing interpretative analyses of real issues at hand. I write not with the intention to inflame your emotion with anger but with the firmness I believe will open our eyes.

To set the ball rolling, self-identity is key and a stepping stone for the sound and humbly development of a person. Self-identity refers to the global understanding a person has of themselves. Self-identity is composed of relatively permanent self-assessments, such as personality attributes, knowledge of one’s occupation and hobbies, and awareness of one’s physical attributes.

We live in a world of pretence were people from affluent homes are seen as superior. Research proves the nature and demands of our various tertiary institutions have left many live on rather a sad phenomenon called False Identity. False Identity, refers to the concept of a person pretending to be what he or she is not. Most especially claims to be from rich and affluent homes.

It’s pathetic and a shame that some go the extent of denying their roots. Students tend to come from places like Accra, Kumasi, Cape coast and the like when asked the Question where they come from. Not being yourself is an expression of being myopic and visionless hence the youth have to be truthful and proud to profess their Villages among peers because its only in accepting your roots that you kick start greatness in the right direction.

Many are times I baffle at the current trend of dressing youth off late put up in the name of fashion, there is no hygiene in the current trend of dressing among the youth folks, we tend to enslave ourselves in absolute mediocrity and blind imitation of the western world. One of the most flourishing foreign business is the Hair Industry which fetches billions of dollars and employment to the economy of the western world, the amazing thing is that most of these sales is generated from our ‘’Dear African Ladies’’ priding themselves in ‘’Brazilian’’ hair and the like. Dressing to cover our body has turned to nudity among ladies and madness among the gents. We frown on locally produced goods and promote the foreign.

Modernity has enveloped our minds with deceit and taught us that students who eat local rice are from poor homes.

Modernity has also taught us that ladies who are fond of wearing long clothes are not oriented in fashion.

Modernity has also taught us that having numerous girlfriend’s places one above peers.

Dr. Kamilo Kasala methodically made an interesting assertion that

  1. What is logical is not always practical
  2. What is practical is not always right
  3. What is right is not always ethical
  4. What is ethical is not always desired
  5. What is desired is not always logical

There is the need to always avoid what Kamilo identifies as the five P’s that I consider as ‘’jucious’’ or appealing temptation that can place a person in doom if proper care is not taken, they are;

  • Power
  • Property
  • Prestige
  • Popularity
  • Pomposity

We are not in the moral position to resist the above temptations, It’s a big shame on us how we crave for material worldly possessions, this crave renders many fall gullible to heinous social vices including prostitution and armed robbery.

The degeneration of youth in the 21st century have scores of reforms to  change  in their life’s for the better. The recipe for success is knowing one’s self and pretending not to be what we are not.

That which is sound must be recognized for its soundness, that which is weak must also be recognized for its weakness, its high time the youth re conscientize their minds and eschew that which is inappropriate in their lifestyles. We have to pattern our lives in absolute conformity with morality, because that is what would place you in the ideal position to attain the greatness you were meant to attain.

I would end with this popular Latin saying which states ‘’Qui mutum satum Qui sa mutum expectum’’ meaning to whom much is given much is expected.

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