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The Rise of UDS Wa Students

The University for Development Studies Wa campus is the youngest of all the various campuses of UDS. Over the years, it has always been in the interest of students to be active citizens of the Universities processes but not just being passive spectators. Remaining nonchalant to processes have never been known to prove positive results but backwardness.

John F Kennedy 1960  ”A society whose young men and women remain in a constant state of slumber will never realize her potentials” hence there is a sense in that direction that citizens of UDS Wa campus must be praised for making their varied opinions known with the paramount aim of ensuring sanity in the student administration.

However, I must be quick to spell out that some students have lost the way, yes they have. Propaganda and false assumptions in the history of this University peaks during SRC week celebrations and election period. This time see the rise of self claimed ”concern students, activist, advocates etc

People argue most often without accompanying proves in the form of empirical evidences. You seek to tarnish the hard earn reputation of your brother to gain what? For instance before you can criticize the activity of any body, there are some factors you must put first into considerations.

Let Me Set This Factual Scenario 

Finance plays a very key role in the activities and execution of policies in every organization, just like our SRC they need money to work effectively. Where do they get their monies from? is it not the dues we pay? if yes there is something you must know.

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Over the years we have witnessed large intake of level 100 students into the University for Development Studies Wa campus, this means that every student would have to pay SRC dues. In making an assumption, one can explicitly declare that, ”the higher the intake, the more money you get ”.

This year, if you made it to the Level 100 matriculation ceremony, you might hear the authorities saying that, there has been a drastic in reduction of students this year, meaning that if you transpose this saying to the formula above, it meant that this administration, unlike other badges would get a cut in their earnings through the dues paid.


Lets continue to live in unity and understanding, wrongful allegations against our leaders is not what will bring about development to our young university, lets remain  calm but cautious and let them work to the best interest of all.

Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore

Students Activist cum Blogger


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