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UTAG Strike, Activism Dying Among University Students?

History acknowledges the role of Ghanaian students in the struggle for independence and anti-colonial struggles. The youth were at the forefront of activism, asking for a fair deal from gubernatorial actors. Their historic exploits injected a sense of fear on political actors who saw them as worthy stakeholders. Today, they are ‘worthy bedmates’ with political actors.

Oh! God, NUGS, a once vibrant and credible front formed to give students a national platform for a united and stronger voice, is now in shatters. It is without a voice and impetus to organize a radical mass movement against the government in the interest of the University students.

Today, no one cares, even as lecturers are on strike. Surprisingly, it is the fervent prayer of some university students that they remain on strike. Others are just nonchalant about whatever is going on. The sense of matureness, dexterity, and purposefulness cannot be seen in the students of our various tertiary institutions again. We fail to realize that the power of the teeming youth is the indomitable human force on earth, and no segment of society can match the power, idealism, enthusiasm, and courage of the youth.

Sadly, some students do not even realize that they are worst affected each day as the strike continues. For the majority of the students, it is ‘cry your own cry.’. Meanwhile, students need lecturers to realize their dreams, hopes, and ambitions. (Do we have any? If yes, is there any sense of urgency? Probably No)

Are we the young suckers that will replace the plantain when it dies? I fear for the future of this country because we have long remained in the doomed state of slumber. JF Kennedy said, “A society whose young men and women are in a constant state of slumber will never realize her potentials.” Nelson Mandela equally opines that education is the enabler and the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. For over three weeks and still counting, we are yet to realize that our education is in limbo. We cannot continue to remain silent but need to join hands with the lecturers as they fight for better conditions of service because they deserve it..

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Until students begin to change the current narrative, then there is no fountain of hope for our dear country.

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