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We found love: Part One

Looking at the dimples of our daughter with her wide smiles, holding her medical reports in my hands I sighed in attestation of what Selly told me before she finally accepted my proposal ‘’ I have been suffering from sickle cell anemia and that has in a way affected my sight rendering me with acute myopia hence the reason for putting on this lens’’.

It was 14th of February, you know how special that day was for lovers right? I was in love too, with no other person but my grand mum and I was rushing to hand her some flowers I bought from the gift shop, my mum is late and my dad though very supportive worked and lived in the States, so my world was just my grand mum.

Sudden mayhem enveloped the environs of Wa, characterized by serious winds and cold, signs of rain. And In haste to get home before the pregnant clouds start raining cat and dogs, I hurried with my UW GH419 registered plate Apsonic moto bike, most are times this inscription on the plate make people laugh at me or show some form of distrust, then I sometimes wonder, why was this plate named 419 by the DVLA people? Are they serious, I wish I could change it. But years of using it made me forget the surrounding trauma around it. At this stage moving forward was hazardous, moving back too was cowardice so I had to find a place to hide and let the cat and dogs do their worse, there was no better place than that cafeteria on the other part of the road, I am familiar there because I ate there several times before, so I decided to seek refuge there.

‘’Kimpflex’’ as it was called had methodic arrangement inside, making the environment spacious and serene. Its fully glassed so we didn’t hear the unmeaningful rhythm of the rain but just the heart piecing love songs from Banky W. I was not surprised when one of the bar attendants came to me to place my order, to have a justification for staying there I quickly ordered for hot tea with meat pie, anyway the weather was cold and that could do me some good you know, I said to myself. I quickly paid for the snacks and had my eyes gazed at the door as I gulped the tea in smiles.


I was thrown aback in admiration as a lady of my age class dropped from a taxi and entered the cafeteria, she was light skinned, with moderate height, her smiles gleamed just like the sun exposing her white teeth, oh my God see how beautiful her dimples are. Wavering the attendants to catch their attention like a newly crowned beauty queen wavering to the crowd in response to their cheers she took her seat, I had barely eaten much when she entered and occupied another empty table.  Hers was two tables away from mine and I could have joined her, but that also meant I had to do what was gentlemanly required. Unfortunately, however, I had very limited cash and could not afford to pay for what she would order. So, I sat where I sat, cursing myself for not being prepared enough to utilize the rarest opportunity that ever came my way. Soon, we were both at our meals. I had to display exaggerated table mannerisms in case she looked my direction its normal for any love oriented gentleman. I wanted her to know that she had my attention but that ought to be professional. We both ate in silence.

After my meal, common sense thought me that I should wait patiently till the waiter had come for what she owed before I moved over to her table a few minutes later. It was clear the rain was not stopping any moment soon and I could not be said to be an intruder, for she alone sat, staring thoughtfully and vacantly at the far end of the cafeteria.

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