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Who is to Blame?

(On the part of Students)

In the case of UDS Wa campus I largely put the blame on students and their Representative Councils. Over the years it has not always been a priority among student leaders to methodically design policies and systems that will merit the demands of the outside world from an Undergraduate, SRC weeks celebrations have been over the years characterized by unnecessary programs of which huge sums of monies are spent on Artists to come and perform, this move I totally don’t condemn because it relives tension off students and hey! ‘’All work and no play they say, makes Jack a dull boy, right?  Yes but activities designed for special weeks celebrations have always been monotonous, just largely fun. Student leaders should think to a broader scope to involve seminars and debates about issues that will educate Us. We should also be inquisitive to ask and know more about your school.

  (On the Part of School Authorities)

The school authorities also have their share of blame in this matter. Over the years school authorities have not been consistent in making public the list of students and their rightful halls they are affiliated to. This move denies those who were not privileged to secure accommodation with the school’s Traditional Hostels. Authorities should not only be focused on Academic issues of which they are best in thus Rustication, Repeating and always on time to publish names of students who went contrary to examinations malpractices to face the disciplinary committee, they should take interest in making important notices like that known to us.

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This issue should be of grave concern to the School and Student Authority, I entreat them to come together and ensure that students are served with why the various University Halls are named the way they are and to ensure that notices of Our halls of affiliation are made known to us either on our admission letter or through other appropriate means.

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